I am a Software Engineer, I build applications with JavaScript.

Prashant Acharya

My Life's Timeline

March, 1998
Born in Kathmandu, Nepal

I was born in the heart of the capital city in Nepal. I spent most of my childhood in Sunsari which lies in the eastern part of Nepal.

June, 2016
Completed High School

I did my schooling in Itahari and Kathmandu. I completed my highschool from Kathmandu in 2016. After that, I started studying Bachelors in Computer Science in Tribuvan University in Nepal.

September, 2020
Joined Leapfrog Technology

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, I was offered an opportunity to join Leapfrog technology as an intern. Later, I was offered a job as a Software Engineer.

September 2022
Complete Undergraduate Studies

I completed my undergraduate studies in Kathmandu, Nepal.


A bash script with Node.JS

November 23, 2020

Create a bash script with JS to create .prettierrc file with necessary configurations

Simple Markdown Parser with JavaScript and Regular Expressions

August 21, 2020

By the completion of this blog, you will have a function that takes in a markdown text and return a HTML text.

Async Await in JavaScript

February 15, 2020

Async Await makes working with promises easier and fun.



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